Timeless, Fashionable and Versatile Scarves

One of the most versatile and timeless fashion clothing accessories is scarves. They can be worn anywhere, any time and with any outfit. It has become a fashionable accessory to any wardrobe because of the large number of styles, colors, patterns and materials available to choose from.


Wearing a scarf allows you to look your best at all times. Even a simple outfit can be transformed into a fashionable one with this item. It adds taste, elegance and style to any of your outfits. The plus point of wearing scarves is that they help you get dressed quickly and get the desired look you want to achieve. Getting dressed for office, casual party, dinner date, or weekend nights can all be done faster with this stylish accessory. However, keep in mind that your outfit perfectly complements the scarf you choose to wear. Luckily, there is a huge range of scarves available to complete your style statement and can add great style to any women’s closet.



This fashionable accessory is manufactured by a variety of materials including, cotton, polyester, knitted fleece and more. It adds a great sense of elegance and sophistication to the personality. Additionally, faux fur scarf look amazing if paired with a cozy turtle neck sweater. Some other styles include: plaid, ruffle, solid mixed, stripes and much more. Certainly, a great and extensive variety of styles is there for everyone



Scarves are relatively inexpensive and are popular winter attire. Winter scarves not only create a different look to any outfit but provide added warmth and comfort as well. Especially in winter season, this functional accessory gives protection to the head and hair from environmental elements. This winter attire is definitely the perfect choice for those who are thinking about brightening their wardrobe.

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Attractive Home

Every one dreams of a beautiful home but it does not comes in a easy way ,it requires huge expenditure and if you don’t want to spend thousands of Rupees to hire a professional decorator to spruce up your space, it helps to think strategically about the changes you make to your home. In many cases, less is more. Meaning, you don’t have to spend hours or even a large chunk of change to make your home look as beautiful as the day you bought It., you can use these helpful tips to customize your living space and make your home as attractive as possible:

 The first impression

If you haven’t given a second thought to the exterior of your home, now’s the time to do so. When you invite guests over for the first time, you want to knock their socks off the moment that they pull into your drive. If necessary, consider splurging on a new exterior paint job for your house. It also helps to keep your lawn and garden well-maintained by hiring a professional landscaper for regular upkeep.

 Clean it up

Many times, it’s as easy as keeping your home clean and organized to make it attractive to guests. If you’re considering putting your home up for sale, a clean and tidy house will speak volumes in attracting a potential buyer. If your home is cramped and cluttered, consider packing unneeded belongings in a storage area and buying additional organizational tools to hold toys, books, and paperwork.

 Let’s colour

Across-the-board, it helps to add a pop of colour to different rooms in your home. While you don’t necessarily need to repaint the interior of your home in its entirety, it helps to repaint some rooms in attractive neutrals with lively colors in accent walls, if desired. To stick with an attractive, cohesive theme, don’t use more than two colors in each room; for small rooms, use lighter colors to help a space appear larger.

 Window wash

An act as simple as washing the windows in your home, inside and out, will help your house to appear sparkling clean and good as new. Even better, it will give you the opportunity to open up the curtains and blinds in your home to let in natural light to create a refreshing, relaxing environment in each room.

Fix it

If a door is missing a doorknob, or if plaster has cracked on a wall, these minor repairs are worth taking care of to give your home an instant facelift. If you’ve let small issues slide over the years, set aside a weekend afternoon to tackle  torn screens, and creaky doors to keep your home in its best condition.

It isn’t rocket science to keep your home in tiptop shape. Regular care and maintenance, coupled with strategic decorating, will help your home to appear as attractive as possible.

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Dress in Trends for Wedding of 2013

Not every woman is in the market for a wedding dress every year, wedding dress trends aren’t as widely known as the trends for upcoming season. Even though many women won’t walk down the aisle and therefore aren’t interested in bridal wear trends for the year, it’s still worthwhile knowing where the bridal trends are at in the year-often times bridal wear influences elements of our casual wear!

Bare/ back/Lace

For 2013, wedding dresses are taking a plunge in the neckline… but not where you would think. The back of the dress is what’s going low this season. One of the most major trends for this season is baring your back in some way, be it covering the back with lace or, lace frame or a completely cutout back. If you opt for a backless dress, make sure your back is ready to be bare by exfoliating and toning the muscles in your back.

 Say I do with Colors and Gowns

Get ready to wave goodbye to all white gowns going down the runway. This upcoming wedding season shows us gowns in all different hues and shades. The majority of colored gowns this season are inspired by the pastel trend that we saw in the spring, making everyone more in the mood for the sweets to follow the ceremony. Of course, some brides might not be able to fathom getting married in cotton candy pink but still want to indulge in their “sweet tooth”. These brides have the ability to add a touch of color in their sash, flowers or shoes.

 Royal Long Sleeves

Whether you agree or not with the suggestion that this trend started with the Royal wedding dress, one thing is true: she had a long sleeved dress and now that trend is over taking the runway. Longer sleeves also serve out to balance the extra bareness on the backs of this season’s dresses. Long sleeves are seen in solid fabrics or lacey fabrics and go as far down as the wrist or as far up as the elbow.

  Girls in Twenties

These dresses are made especially for the women that thrive on the look and feel of bygone eras. Featuring dropped waistlines, sultry fabrics and draping to enhance the female form, these dresses have it all. If you make the decision to wear a “twenties dress,” make sure to commit! These dresses were made for pearls, glitter, glamour and stilettos. The patterns and appliqués on these dresses can even mock the designs of the 20s with art deco inspirations. This trend of wedding dresses is for the women who aim for a more sultriness and something that is different from the traditional dress but not too far.


Destination weddings are almost the usual weddings now and women are looking to have a wedding somewhere or sometime that’s different; which is why there is a need for outwear on your wedding day. Capes and wraps that are actually a part of, or match, your dress are another trend for wedding dresses in 2013. For a little bit of covering, there are layers of tulle or organza. For more warmth in a winter wedding, knitted capes and fur (faux or real) keep you warm and look elegant on your special day.

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Make up tips for every age to be more Stylish!

Mirror, Mirror who is the prettiest of them all’ is something every woman asks as she looks in the mirror each morning. Though ageing is a natural process that cannot be stalled, the art of make up could make you look young and beautiful all your life.
Here are some make up tips that will help you look young and gracious all through your life.

Women in 20s:

Being young, these women are naturally blessed with a perfect skin. However make sure to protect it by drinking ample water and applying sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect it from the ravages of sun light. Remember, sun damage in your 20s will only appear later in your life as wrinkles and age spots. So, make sure to take skin care precautions early in your life.
A good cleanser will keep the skin pores open while an eye cream will keep the sensitive under eye skin healthy and youthful. Apply concealer to mask dark circles the morning after a late night.
Apply any tinted moisturizer and a foundation to balance the skin tone and to conceal the blemishes.

Women in 30s:

Apart from the normal skin routine that you have developed in your 20s you have a few more make up tips to catch up with the onslaught ageing

Apply a blush, which matches your skin color to make your face glowing and fresh instantly.
Make sure to apply a neutral lip color that will add up to your personality without being loud or garish.

Women in 40s:

At this age, apart from the skin care tips like sun screen and foundation application, you have to take more care in your eye make up.
Try eyeliner and mascara to define and highlight your eyes.
Highlight those odd silver streaks of grey hair with any color that suits you to add up to your personality.

Women in 50s and above:

The skin at this age tends to lose its natural moisture due to hormonal changes associated with menopause. So make sure to moisturize it regularly by using extra-rich formula to make skin wrinkle free and to mask the fine lines if any.

Say ‘No’ to heavy foundations, which could look like a mask on older skin. Light skin care formulas and foundations will be a safe bet.
Make sure to highlight your lips and eyes using
Sport a smart and elegant haircut that will give you a well groomed look.
Be regular in using a rich moisturizer even when you are not wearing any make up.
Lightly line the eyebrows with using shadow and an eyebrow brush for a natural look.

Decorative Tradition

Live away from home and can’t go back to your roots to celebrate the Festival of Lights? Don’t have enough leave saved up to make a quick trip back home for Diwali?  Most people often miss the joy and excitement of the festival when they live away from home. But do not despair! All is not lost! Here are 5 easy ways to ‘Gift yourself’ a Shubh Deepawali…

1. Decorate your home with Dupattas

Drape brightly coloured silk, brocade, chiffon and georgette dupattas all over your house to liven it up and give it a festive feel. Either you could use all the colors you can find or go with a theme (for example: orange, green and gold).

2. Flowers

These can be used to compliment the dupatta decoration or can be just placed around the house for the aroma. You can use garlands made of jasmine, marigold, etc. You can hang flower garlands along the top of the entrance to your house to give a festive look. If you prefer, you can display flower arrangements in appropriate containers or vases around the house. You could also fill brass or copper vessels with water and place a hand full of flowers or petals in the water for easy ethnic décor  If you live outside India and do not have access to the traditional flowers you can use roses, tube roses or any other aromatic options. You could match these with your colour scheme.

3. Rangoli

Rangoli is a signature of any Indian festival. You can make it with powder or flowers or use innovative material like rice, leaves etc. Check Google for some interesting designs and base the complexity on your artistic capacity.

4. Diyas, candles and lights

These are the star attractions of Diwali. Decorate your balcony with Diyas or candles and hang up a lantern. If you prefer you could use electric fairy lights instead. Place diyas or candles around the house for a festive glow. Aromatic candles are also a good option. Diyas and candles can also be placed on and around the Rangoli to bring out its essence. Floating tea light candles can be placed in the brass and copper vessels filled with flowers for extra effect. Candles are a good all round substitute for diyas but if you are a traditionalist, the latter are available online as well.

5. Mithai/sweets and chocalates

Let’s face it…Diwali is not Diwali without the Mithai. You could buy these at a store or if you are in the mood for experimentation, try making them at home.

Hope some or all of these work for you!

Shine on!

The cool winter wind might calm your soul but it’s going to leave your hair dry, frizzy and unmanageable. As the season changes, you need to revamp your hair care regime too. So here is a guide to amazing, healthy and manageable hair.

Hair care tips for winter

Oil your hair: In winter, it is chilly outside and dry and warm inside the house; this changing temperature harms your hair.  Oil your hair regularly, use warm oil if you are comfortable. It will help to restore the moisture and give life to your lifeless tresses.

It is not necessary to keep the oil on for long hours; one to two hours is enough to do the trick.  Do not over use shampoo while you are washing the oil off because it will nullify the conditioning effect.

Wash them right: Even though it is cold do not use very hot water to wash your hair. The heat will steal your moisture. Use lukewarm water. Do not over use the shampoo and use mild shampoo if you wash your hair very frequently.

Never miss conditioning: Rich conditioning can be your shield against the harsh cold. Condition your hair every time you wash them, it strengthens them and increases the elasticity. If you are opting for readymade conditioner make sure it suits your hair and is right for your hair type. You can also use coconut milk or curd for conditioning your hair. If you have curly hair it is best to use leave-in conditioner in the end.

Let them dry naturally: It is advisable not to use heat to dry your hair in winter. With blow drying you can end up having flyways and static effect. Let them air dry. Your lovely tresses will thank you for letting them be.

Take care if you cover: If you wear woollen cap or scarf to protect yourself against cold, you will experience hair breakage in certain areas on your head. This is because the caps and scarves rub against the delicate hair and pull them out. It is advisable to use satin scarves and to use caps which have cotton or satin lining.

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Love of shampoo, warmth of oil and care of conditioning will give you beautiful hair this winter. So just treat your hair with love, warmth , care and shine on!


Things to incorporate in Your Home and Decor for Good Health

Introduce  health and wellness into your homes through the color of the walls, furniture, painting, candles and other such things. With evolving trends of home décor, the key is not to just do up your place aesthetically but also ‘healthily’.
Here are some out of the box ideas that will spruce up your living space and also spread health and harmony.
Colour it right 
Colours influence us in more than one way by playing with our moods, health and lives. Green is considered calming for the eyes, Orange spells unlimited joy, and Yellow is known to uplift mental health. Since bright colors pump up stress levels, they are not recommended for bedrooms. On the contrary, a living room cannot be dull, as it will create a negative atmosphere. Follow the colour scheme closely. Use paints that are free from harmful chemicals like the Volatile Organic Compounds, which are known to cause breathing problems, headache and nausea.  
Lighten up 
Both natural and artificial light affect the quality of air in the house. Smart lighting is important for good health. Fluorescent lights or deficiency of sunlight has proved to have harmful effects on human behaviour, learning abilities and overall development. So, make sure your home is well lit and aired for the constant flow of energy.
Spray good health
A humidifier sprayed in the home adds moisture to dry or heated air and keeps your skin, mouth, and nose lubricated. But, its overuse can lead to the growth of mold, fungi and mites. Also make sure the humidifier is clean so that it prevents the entry of germs and dust in the house.

Furniture First 
Installing the wrong or uncomfortable furniture can cause backache, sprain, neck pain, poor blood circulation and fatigue. Thus, furniture must be selected after recording the requirements of every family member properly to ensure better health of one and all.
Care for carpets
Choosing the right carpet not only jazzes up the place, but also makes it comfortable for the family to sit and talk. Talking of its material, one must avoid synthetics like polyester and nylon, as it may contain harmful, toxic ingredients carried from its manufacturing process. Using flame-resistant, chemical-free, natural fibres is important. Apart from this, Use baking soda to deodorize the carpets.Vacuuming at home or sending carpets for regular cleaning is also important.

The green effect
Plants are air purifiers, as they supply oxygen. They are not only used for decorative purposes, but also as mood enhancers. Creeping plants should be removed as they indicate an unclean home. Keep that garden lush and green with colourful flowers that are a pleasure to grow and watch. While the likes of Grape Ivy and Bromeliads are easy to maintain, orchids, mini roses and violets can be quite difficult.
Smelling good
It has been found that good aroma helps to reduce anxiety, depression, tension, and pain. Candles and lamps bring positive vibes and thus create a positive atmosphere at home. So, light up your home with your favourite scented candle to soothe yourself.
Feng Shui 
Feng shui means wind and water, and both elements are very important for human life. Thus placing Feng shui products in the right place at home brings good health.
Wind chimes at doors or gardens bring good fortune and their sound help in increasing concentration.
Sleep Smart
There is nothing like a good night sleep. Whenever you want to wash your bed sheets, allow the mattress also to be exposed to fresh air by opening the windows. Though bed linen made from synthetic fibers is affordable and durable but it is not suitable for warm and humid weather conditions. Therefore, it is always better to use organic cotton and other natural materials.
Art Unlimited
Picking up the right artwork can also promote good health. It is seen that vivid pictures, beautiful landscapes depicted in art forms can help lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Paintings are now also being created using real medicinal herbs like Sanjeevini which have therapeutic effects.
Thinking of buying a new house or redecorating the old one? Choose décor options that enhance your mood and turn your space into a healing haven.